Pop’s Sneakiest Masterpiece

Long before the term hipster became misappropriated by the tragically uncool, eminent jazz-pop munis, Donald Fagen, was the epitome of New York, dark glasses chic and Beale St swing, making his bones, as a keeper of the flame, in smokey dive bars and clip joints in every sacred corner of the Maximum city. Experimenting with combinations on the 88, like Thelonious in search of the lost chords - an anachronism at work on the coal face of bebop while hard rock strut and glam tidings ruled the earth. Click To Tweet


His band, Steely Dan, with partner Walter Becker, would emerge unapologetically from this dirty work to give us Rikki Don’t lose that number, Reeling in the years, Haitian Divorce, Kid Charlemagne and many, many more prime cuts of sophisticated, finely-crafted funky, jazzy FM pop - as unique, original, and stylish as it gets.


In 1982, after Steely Dan split, Fagen stretched his solo wings with this autobiographical, grammy-nominated, platinum-bejewelled gem, which despite its accolades remains an under the radar classic. Indeed, as Robert J. Toth of The Wall Street Journal said in a review some 20 years after its release, The Nightfly is, “one of pop music's sneakiest masterpieces."


Find a copy, luxuriate in the sybaritic, sensually confident artistry, and superbly crafted songs- sweet music, jazz and conversation, like the playlist of your favourite late night secret DJ

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Nightfly.


Feel Good